MotherWaveWork Emotional Healing Sessions

with Dr. David Engle, MotherWaveWork Practitioner

MotherWaveWork is a form of emotional healing with breathwork. These incredibly productive sessions allow for deep integration of Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit. Sessions are held in a compassionate, supportive and safe environment, where you will learn to be kind and gentle with yourself.



"David is an extraordinary practitioner. With his wise insight, heartfelt presence, infinite gentleness and delightful humor, he will teach you how to love yourself and how to be at peace inyour body and in the world." -Julie Marchasin

"If you want a gentle, spiritual healing experience, go to Dr. David Engle. I'm thankful he's on the planet." -Dusty Lobette


Dr. David Engle works out of his office at Earth Heart Healing Center in Sebastopol, California. For a MotherWaveWork session with David, call (707) 823-1336 to set up an appointment.

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