Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website all about?

This website is to provide information about David Engle's different modalities of healing work, and to promote love, joy, and compassion. The mascot of this website is the dolphin, who through it's abundant good nature and expressive state of constant love and joy, invites all of us to learn to celebrate life and to heal the wounds which prevent us from experiencing the full potentials within us.

How do I contact Dr. David Engle?

Earth Heart Healing Center
660 South Main Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 823-1336 

[email protected]

If I write you a personal letter will you publish it on your website?

Not unless you give us permission. We are very careful to protect the confidentiality of our clients, potential clients, and acquaintances. If you do write us a letter, we will reply to you as soon as is easily possible. Please don't hesitate to write with any questions or information you think we should know about.

What is a hygienic physician?

The International Association of Hygienic Physicians (IAHP) is a professional association for licensed, primary care physicians (Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and Naturopaths) who specialize in Therapeutic Fasting Supervision as an integral part of Hygienic Care. Founded in 1978, the IAHP offers an Internship program for Certification in Fasting Supervision. The Association has adopted Standards of Practice and Principles of Ethics for providing Hygienic Care. They further have adopted and periodically revise Standards of Practice of Fasting Supervision and Certification Standards for physicians seeking Certified Status. The Association also adopts Consensus Statements on issues of importance to persons following a Natural Hygiene Lifestyle. For more information, visit the IAHP website.

What is a MotherWave™ session?

In the MotherWaveWork™, you learn skills for how to be with your emotions and in your body. Since one of the first ways we learn to hold in our emotions is holding our breath, breathwork is used to free up stuck emotions. In a MotherWave™ session, you are guided to bring your breath and your loving attention into the sensations and emotions in your body.

Also, in MotherWaveWork™ sessions, we find your core survival belief created in your childhood. This belief runs your life, usually in limiting, negative, or abusive ways. Dr. Engle then guides you to create a new belief that is the truth of your essence. The new belief is one of empowerment, self-love, and results in success in your life. During breathwork sessions, this new belief is integrated into the psyche. Then David teaches you skills to bring yourself more deeply into this empowered place in everday life.

For more information about MotherWave™, visit the MotherWave™ website.

Further, Dr. Engle has a passion for teaching people to advocate for their needs. In childhood, we are generally taught to abandon our needs. David teaches his clients skills for advocating for their needs and creating healthy boundaries.


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