World of Warcraft Macros AKA WoW Macros

Macros can be used to automate certain processes in World of Warcraft. It uses a scripting system that is very easy to understand. To create your own macro type /macro in the chat to bring up the Create Macros dialog. If you want more information about macros type /macrohelp in the chat or you can get tons of useful macros and more at Skryer.

A macro can look like this:
/cast Lesser Healing (Rank 1)
/p Healing %t

When this macro is used it would cast Lesser Healing on the target and tells your party “Healing [Name of Target]”. Macros can be put on your hotkey bar just like normal spells.

But wait, there's bigger and better Macros than World of Warcrafts built-in Macro system.

There are macros that run on seperate programs and best of all, there are Macro systems in the forms of programs, otherwise known as bots, which directly utilise your player and automatically perform tasks such as hunting and fishing. One of the best places to get into this at - which also provides Macros and Bots for other games, along with Exploits, Guides, and Secrets.

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