Carnivorous Plants of Texas© is part of an attempt to help preserve rare, carnivorous, wetland plants and the habitats in which they live in the Lone Star State, through collection and dissemination of information, education, preservation and repair of habitat, and the promotion of cultivation of these spectacular and unusual plants.

I hope you find this site a source of useful information about this part of the natural history of Texas, and that the breathtaking beauty of a meadow full of pitcher plants will compell you to discover a part of the land that is our home, the beautiful and mystical pine forests of East Texas and what lives in them.

General information about this site

There are a lot of photographs here. Click on all the thumbnails to see a larger image.   Put your cursor on a thumbnail for a short description.   I chose to provide a higher resolution to many photos, even though it means longer download time.  If there is no photo where one ought to be, it's coming soon.

This site is constantly developing and my photographic skills are sure to improve, so check back often.

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