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FEBRUARY 18th 10am - 5pm

Welcome to the online home of Dr. David Engle, chiropractor, professional speaker, workshop facilitator, author, and MotherWaveWork practitioner. Here you will find information on David's latest projects


Check out Dr. Engle's workshops page to read testimonials about his workshops; learn about David's life and vision; read about his new book on Self-Compassion; find out about holistic chiropractic sessions, a unique form of therapy created by Dr. Engle called therapeutic holding; transforming the lives of children; discover how to return to joy, innocence, and love with MotherWave sessions; or bring your questions to our Frequently Asked Questions page....

"Being a healer myself, with training in lots of different disciplines, I'm a real fuss budget when it comes to practitioners. But David Engle has it all: you get deep tissue work, chiropractic adjustments, and emotional clearing all available in just one place. Truly a mind-body-spirit integrative approach, David is a sincere, loving and righteous individual that knows his stuff. I highly recommend him."

-Anodea Judith

I am pleased to include the work of Dr. Fuhrman in my workshops and to direct you visit him on the web as a comprehensive part of your wellness process!

Visit Dr. Fuhrman's website featuring his phenomenal books and products here at his online home! When ordering from his website please mention my name.

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Heaven for the Body - Heaven for the Tongue

"A sweet-tart melding of elegance and opulence that had echoes of fruit of every climate." - This is just one reference on how the exotic the mangosteen fruit is. There is no other fruit on the planet that combines the distinctly beautiful taste and overwhelming health benefits as that of the mangosteen!

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Dr. David Engle has been a chiropractor for sixteen years and a MotherWaveWork practitioner for eight years. He is a third-generation Sufi who embodies the heart's path.

"My vision is a world where children are loved and safe. My mission is to teach adults and teens how to love all aspects of themselves, including emotions, so they will be a model to their children."

-David Engle

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